Industrial LED Solutions

In addition to Direct Laser Writers and customized solutions, ‘Industrial LED Solutions’ form the third pillar of the 4PICO range. We develop and deliver LED-based equipment for specific tasks in high-tech manufacturing processes.This concerns the UV curing of adhesives, paints and coatings as well illumination for production inspection. We are particularly strong in providing tailor-made solutions, fitted exactly to all relevant parameters of your production process.

Custom made solutions in LED’s

While developing a custom made LED application our starting point is always the actual process and requirements of the customer. Based on the requirements and our expertise we design, test and build electronics, optics and housing. Interested in such a customized approach? Please contact us.

Curing with LED’s

4PICO has extensive experience in the use of LEDs as an alternative to mercury lamps for curing adhesives, paint and coatings. We use high power UV LED's ranging from 365 to 420[nm]. Matching LED wave lengths with paint, adhesive or coating properties is key to the succes of illumination! We can illuminate material with an intensity of 8 Watts / cm2 and in almost unlimited dimensions. For example, we have already supplied lighting strips that were over 3 meters long. Depending on the application we design with passive cooling or active cooling with air or liquids.
UV curing for continues applications

Inspection with LED's

When inspecting a production process, demands are put on contrast, intensity and lifetime. With our custom made LED inspection solutions these demands are met. We can apply different colour types (including white) in order to achieve a range of contrast conditions. If extreme intensity is required we apply special lenses which allows us to reach an intensity of 1.000.000 lux. Cooling is an integral part of the design, to avoid intensity drop and lifetime reduction.

Realised Projects

Curing of adhesive

Curing of replication lacquer

Portable curing light

Inspection light