PicoMaster 200 Direct Laser Writer

UV direct laser writer for maskless lithography

The PicoMaster 200, which supports wafers and substrates up to 8″ square, is a versatile UV laser writer with ultra high precision components, specifically designed to give the user the highest degree of freedom to create micro structures in photo sensitive layers. The rasterizing principle of the machine ensures proper and constant exposure over the whole surface. Scanning the substrate at high speed and stepping the laser head with a software adjustable pitch.
Supporting up to 4096levels of grayscale or pure binary mode allows for 3D optical structures, surface structures as well as mask projects makes the PicoMaster the ideal Litho tool for R&D as well as production.

The PicoMaster is a standalone, fully enclosed system. All required components, including control rack and vacuum pump are within the enclosure, which allows for quick and easy installation.

When connected to an air conditioning unit to supply conditioned air, a build in Hepa filter will create a clean cross flow.

The massive base frame supported by isolation mounts filter out ground frequencies to ensure minimum vibrations in the system.


The full optical path is contained in a small easily changeable module. By keeping the optical path as short as possible, the pointing stability is greatly increased.

The laser controlled autofocus system automatically corrects for surface errors or wedge shaped substrates.

Auto NA switch on request.
Direct Laser Machine

Security Labels

One of the features of the PicoMaster 200 is the ability to create high resolution security labels with many different features. These labels can be used as brand protection or copy protection.