About us

4PICO is a specialised provider of knowhow, technology and equipment for the manufacturing of high tech products. In 2004 4PICO started with the development, manufacturing and commissioning of mastering equipment for the mastering of molds for the production of CD and DVD. Based on this experience and knowhow we have grown into a company that offers a host of smart solutions to complex problems in the area of industrial manufacturing of high tech products.

Recently we have introduced the PicoMaster 200, a Direct Laser Writer to generate sub-micron patterns directly in a photosensitive film. When our standard solutions are not sufficient, we can offer engineering capacity to design and deliver customer-specific production equipment. To complete our range of products we design, test and build Industrial LED Solutions

Personal and professional

Our employees are personally committed to our customers, suppliers and partners. They all hold high skills and competence levels in different fields of expertise such as electronics, mechatronics, optics, software etc.
These passionate and talented professionals are specialised in the field of high-tech production equipment and all of its applications. We have special expertise in areas of mastering and replication, alignment, curing of materials and laser technology.


4PICO is located in St Oedenrode near Eindhoven. We are easily accessible by the A50.


Our facilities at 4PICO:

  • Common engineering tools for software design, PCB design en mechanical design
  • Facilities for surface coatings, including spin coating.
  • Dark room for optical alignment of lasers and other optics.
  • Laser scribing (cutting lane: 20 µm)
  • Various measuring instruments down to the nanometer
  • Tooling shop for small modifications


  • 4PICO ontwikkelt mallenprinter in eigen beheer – Mechatronica & Machinebouw, nummer 7 2014 (PDF, Nederlandstalig)
  • Hologram vervangt dvd bij 4PICO – Eindhovens Dagblad 13 maart 2014 (PDF, Nederlandstalig)
  • Bijna elke vraag die wij krijgen levert een nieuw product op – LED Magazine September 2014 (PDF, Nederlandstalig)