Customized Solutions

Besides developing and producing Direct Laser Writers and Industrial Led Solutions, 4PICO is also active as an engineering/prototyping firm. Projects related to UV exposure tools and imprinting equipment are within our domain. Do you have a problem in your high tech manufacturing infrastructure that cannot be solved with a standard solution? Please contact us, to find out what we can do for you.

With the PicoMaster 200 Direct Laser Writer, custom designed micro- and nano-structures can be written directly in a photosensitive film on a flat substrate. The PicoMaster 200 is designed to be fast, flexible and cost efficient. The device can write structures as small as 220 nm. As this is our newest generation of direct laser writing equipment, it incorporates grayscale writing capabilities for mastering 3d-structures as well. The PicoMaster 200 Direct Laser Writer comes with an easy to operate software library and is compatible with the glass preparation unit PicoMaster Preprep P200.

Application areas: R&D, micro fluidics, optics, MEMS masks.

Specifications PicoMaster 200

  • Maximum speed: 400 mm/sec
  • Maximum acceleration: 15 m/s²
  • Accuracy: ± 40 nm
  • Smallest structure size: <300 nm
  • 405 nm laser, NA = 0.85 objective
  • Machine dimensions: 900 x 900 x 1800 mm

Direct Laser Writer 4P C200 (cylindrical substrate)

A laser writer for writing on cylindrical substrates, the 4P C200, is currently under development. In order to replicate a large amount of micro-structures, roll-to-roll systems can be used to duplicate micro-structures in a continuous way. In these roll-to-roll systems, a master shim is usually wrapped around a drum. The use of such shims naturally leads to seams in the result. 4Pico is designing a direct laser writer that can create a seamless cylindrical mold with a pattern of micro structures. These cylindrical molds enable the reproduction of micro structures without seams. Applications areas for writing on cylindrical molds include, among others: micro fluidics, optics, MEMS, roll-to-roll systems, masks and holographic labeling structures.

Contact us for more information about this new development.

Our Original Equipment

PicoMaster 200 Direct Laser Writer

Direct Laser Writer 4P C200 (cylindrical substrate)